Spring-boot, MongoDB, AutoValue, AngularJs, Heroku

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Product catalogue is self contained application is running on Apache Tomcat/8.0.30 as data store is used mongodb. Ui implemented by using bootstrap and angular. Deployment is done throw Codeship on heroku's cloud infrastructue. Entire specification is available in project root folder.

System requirements:

  • Java 1.8
  • Maven 3.3.3
  • Free ports: 27017(mongodb), 8080(apache tomcat)

Local deployment and testing:

  • Step1: Run in command lien sh $ mvn clean package spring-boot:run
  • Step2: Add cookie run in browser console > document.cookie="customerId=123;";
  • Step3: Application: http://localhost:8080/
  • Step4: Check Api documentation: http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html
  • Step5: Code coverage:
    1.Run > mvn clean verify / or visit Coveralls
    2.Unit test coverage report product-catalogue/target/site/jacoco-ut/index.html
    3.Integration test coverage report product-catalogue/target/site/jacoco-it/index.html

To implement:

  • Integrate with sales microservice for checkout function and with CustomerLocationService for location lookup.

Default data set:

Domain model is aggregated in Customer and Product domain objects.

Initial data set is created only for demo purpose. Later when the proper data store will be identified than should be removed.
Below is listed default persisted dataset, as well api allow to add more.

{ "name" : "Arsenal TV" , "category" : "Sport" , "locationId" : "London"} <br/>
{ "name" : "Chelsea TV" , "category" : "Sport" , "locationId" : "London"} <br/>
{ "name" : "Liverpool TV" , "category" : "Sport" , "locationId" : "Liverpool"} <br/>
{ "name" : "Sky News" , "category" : "News"} <br/>
{ "name" : "Sky Sport News" , "category" : "News"} <br/>

Users and location are mocked so service will be able to identify only:

Customer locations:
 {"customerId" : "123", "locationId" :  "London"} <br/>
 {"customerId" : "321", "locationId" :  "Liverpool"} <br/>

Out of scope:

  • Anny eventual consistency issue with CustomerLocationService in case it will be decided to implement as a separate microservice.
  • Anny additionl infrastructural configuration(except heroku's configuration).


  • Test names does not contains "test" prefix and should provide as message the purpose of test(will be easy to read in case it is failing).
  • Test should have coverage > 70%.
  • Unit test class will have "Test" postfix.
  • Integration test class will have "IT" postfix.


Purpose of project is only educational. This project should not be used for any commercial purpose. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Eugeniu Cararus